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Dentalium Shells, Smooth - Unsorted

Dentalium Shells, Smooth - Unsorted



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LIMITED STOCK! Unknown refill date ;(

Smooth dentalium shells without the ridges.

These are UNSORTED shells. They average 1" long, most are in the 3/4"-1 1/4" range. Some may be longer and some will be shorter. Some packages may contain a few ridged shells that are grabbed while packaged at the ocean.

100pcs per bag.

Make sure you pull out a ruler and remember what an inch looks like ;) Our supplies have gotten shorter over the years and you will not be getting a bag full of 2" shells.

Commonly used for chokers, earrings, dress capes, and necklaces.

No returns or exchanges on this item.

No International Shipping permitted. 

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