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Darkest Brown Hybrid Turkey Tail Feather Set (# 102101)

Darkest Brown Hybrid Turkey Tail Feather Set (# 102101)


Wakeda Trading Post

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10 matched tail feathers, 4 lefts, 4 rights, 2 centers. This color is super hard to get a good picture of. You'd almost call them black but against black they are really the darkest of browns. There is a subtle darker stripe across the tops and a little lighter hue at the very tips.

- Measure 11-14" long (deceivingly short on shortest because of the broken quills)
- Feathers in picture are the EXACT SET of feathers you will receive.
- Completely natural - no dye, paint, or coloring added of any kind.

Grade B: Has more natural stress marks (patterned texture that grows out on the feather) than Grade A feathers. May have nicks or cuts that should be minimized with trimming. More quills are cut or broken at the bottom (not where the usable feather is).

About Our Feathers:
Because it is not possible for most people to possess feathers from protected birds of prey (eagle, hawk, owl, etc), we are offering a legal alternative. They are not painted, dyed, bleached, or altered in any way. By trimming these specially bred turkey feathers you will be able to create quality craft items that can replace and/or replicate those made with illegal feathers. These feathers can be washed, preened, trimmed, dyed, straightened... anything that you would do with a natural feather.

These legal feathers are from free-roam ranch-raised hybrid turkeys. They are sometimes called legal eagle, dapple, penciled, mottle, sweetgrass, marbled, black Spanish, white Holland, chocolate, palm, bronze, phoenix

All sales final on these feathers. No returns or exchanges. No international shipping.

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