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Sharps Needles - Size 10, 25 pcs


Model: 431009
Price: $3.00

Ideal for sewing, beading in applique, lazy stitch, peyote, etc. They are shorter but a little thicker throughout compared to the beading needles. ... more info


Model: 431054
Manufacturer: WTP

Price: $1.00

Used for waxing threads to extend thread life, prevent breaking, hold together free-formed beading such as earrings and flat peyote stitch, and ... more info
Glovers Needles - Size 10, 25 pcs


Model: 431058
Price: $10.75

Chisel tip made for sewing leather. Remember the higher the number in the needle size, the smaller the needle.

Price: $2.50

3/16" wide x approx. 48" long. Full grain cut from a deer hide produces a nice straight lace with no tight curves at the end. Great for ... more info
Wooden Needle Case


Model: 431061
Price: $3.00

2 cases per package. 2.5" long x 0.5" inches wide. Wooden case with removable lid for storing needles, beads, etc. (needles not included) ... more info
Imitation Sinew - Natural 8oz


Model: 431012
Price: $12.00

Approximately 900 feet per 8 ounce spool. A waxed nylon material that can be split like sinew. Great for chokers, breastplates, dream catchers, ... more info
Dentalium Shells, Smooth - 1-1.5" - 100pcs


Model: 510044
Price: $10.00

antalis entale stimpsoni , smooth dentalium shells without the ridges. This is the readily available replacement for the once common dentalium ... more info

Model: 510005
Price: $3.50

Average 3/4"-1" long, sorted for quality. Drilled and ready to use. Popular as dangles on purses, breastplates, chokers, necklaces, sewn ... more info

Model: 510016
Price: $3.50

Drilled and ready to use. Most shells are 1/2" to 1" long, some smaller, some larger. Popular as dangles on purses, breastplates, chokers, necklaces, ... more info

Price: $3.00

13-15" long, priced per ounce. Popular for feather tip decorations, bustle streamers, scalp locks, drops with or without tin cones, and much ... more info
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