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Model: 197033
Price: $7.00

Common ingredient in pipe/offering mixes. Also used for relieving pain and inflammation. Scientific name: Cornus stolonifera

Model: 197040
Price: $5.25

Can be made into a tea for upset stomach and insomnia. Milder than peppermint in flavor and scent. Can also be added to pipe/offering mixes. ... more info

Model: 197030
Price: $3.25

Also called California White Sage, Grandfather Sage, or Bee Sage. Loose leaves and clusters. Scientific name: Salvia apiana

Model: 197042
Price: $2.25

Used as a tea to suppress coughs. Scientific name: Prunus Serotina

Model: 197048
Price: $3.50

Also known as bears weed, mountain balm. Commonly used as an expectorant, decongestant, or in pipe/offering mixtures. Scientific name: eriodictyon ... more info
Approx 2x2" plus 1" fringe. Made from commercial tan deer skin with smooth side out. Closes with leather lace. Great for holding small amounts of ... more info
Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets


Model: 197079
Price: $2.50

10 tablets per roll. Each tablet is designed to ignite in about one minute and burn for approximately 30 minutes. The burning tablet is designed for ... more info
Hematite (manmade) 6mm Round


Model: 432028
Price: $4.00

16" strand, approximately 70 beads per strand.
Beading Needles - Size 10, 25 pcs


Model: 431002
Price: $5.50

Longer needles ideal for loom or peyote beadwork, earrings, or when you want a little extra length for holding comfortably. Choose a needle size that ... more info
Sharps Needles - Size 10, 25 pcs


Model: 431009
Price: $3.00

Ideal for sewing, beading in applique, lazy stitch, peyote, etc. They are shorter but a little thicker throughout compared to the beading needles. ... more info
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