Due to the state and county-mandated closure of our non-essential business we have limited capabilities at this time. Before closing, we loaded moved as much inventory as possible to fulfill most orders from a home office. This has drastically slowed down processing time so please have patience and expect longer order processing times as it has become a one-man shop.
Please stay safe during this chaotic time. We hope you are able to catch up on some craft work to keep your spirits lifted.

We are still not able to get to our phone so we are not getting phone calls, voice mails or text messages at this time. We hope to have this issue resolved soon but please utilize email for communication during this time.

CDCR INMATE ORDERS: Wakeda will stop processing orders to California inmates at the end of this month. All mailed in orders post marked by April 20th will be honored and filled. Orders can be placed on our website through April 30th. We cannot process any orders over the phone at this time. We are sorry for this change and will give more details at the appropriate time.

New Products

Sweet Grass Braid


Model: 197027
Price: $6.00

20-24" average length, approx 1/2oz each These are burned as incense, used in traditional outfits, and often stored with items to purify them.
White Sage Bundle


Model: 197021
Price: $8.00

Sage bundle made with California White Sage for burning and smudging. Approximate dimensions: 1.75" x 8.5" wide (these bundles are cut and wrapped by ... more info
White Sage Mini Bundle


Model: 197025
Price: $3.00

Sage bundle made with California White Sage for burning and smudging. Approximate dimensions: 1.5" x 4" (these bundles are cut and wrapped by hand so ... more info

Model: 197037
Price: $11.50

Also called bear medicine or bear root. For sore throats and congestion. Can also be added to pipe/offering mixes. Packaged in a drawstring muslin ... more info

Model: 197077
Price: $5.25

Also known as wormwood. For burning and smudging. Said to protect against ghosts and prevent dreams about the dead. Some tribes use it to line the ... more info

Model: 197051
Price: $6.00

Aromatic herb commonly stored with items for odor, added to teas for flavor, or used as a sedative for relaxation. Packaged in muslin cloth ... more info

Model: 197038
Price: $5.25

Can be made into a tea for upset stomach and insomnia. Can also be added to pipe/offering mixes. Scientific name: Mentha Piperita

Model: 197059
Price: $1.75

Used as an offering, traditionally with blue corn, by Pueplo peoples. Also used for protection and purification. Common in bath mixes and for drawing ... more info

Model: 197046
Price: $2.25

Also known as great mullein. Commonly used as a cough remedy since it is an expectorant. Also used in pipe/offering mixtures. Said to relieve asthma ... more info

Model: 197055
Price: $2.25

Burned as incense or used for smudging, for purification. Commonly used during sweat lodge and other ceremonies. Scientific name: Thuja Plicata
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