Do It Messy

Do It Messy

There are plenty of sayings that can sum up the feelings around here...

  • When it rains it pours
  • When life hands you lemons, make margaritas, I mean lemonade
  • God will only give you as much as you can handle

I can safely say that I have got a mix of all of these going on right now. But most of all I am excited. Excited to walk forward in my 'new normal' and focus on our new direction. Excited to see my kids get more involved with helping out in the shop; so apologies now if your stickers are a little crooked or bags are stapled a little wonky. We are building character here ;)

The perfectionist in me would be tweaking this site for decades to come, but I have (with some anxiety in all honesty) decided to "Do It Messy". So here it comes...

After losing my business partner / bead bagger / dearest mother last year and then having my nerd move on to other pastures this year, it's been a tough season to say the least. But I'm going to push the green button of progress, not perfection. 

Are there lots of items still missing from the transfer from the old website? Yes and I'll be adding more products as they get weighed and pictured for the new website format. Are things marked out of stock even though they are staring at me right now? Yes and they'll be ready to add to your cart as soon as I get the inventory section to finish adjusting correctly. Can you request something gets put higher on my update list? Sure thing, just let me know what you're looking for!

So please be patient, ignore the dust, let me know (nicely please) if something is broken or not working and I will get this thing up and running better in no time.

And if you've been putting off learning that tricky new dance step or beadwork style or adventuring beyond your usual circle of events then maybe I can challenge you too. Just try it; do it even if it's messy. That's what seam rippers and tacky glue and practice are for. The best time to start is now right!

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